5.0% Annual Interest received yearly for fixed 3 year term

5.0% Annual Interest received yearly for fixed 3 year term

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Buying this product is equivalent to a loan agreement of HK$10000.00 (or USD$1282.05) lending to Valuetrends Investment for a 3 year fixed term counting from the date the above amount received for earning an annual interest rate of 5.0%.

Interest dividends will be paid within two weeks after every one year until the loan period matures. The total loan amount will be paid back within two weeks at maturity of the above fixed term. 

Annual interest to be received : HK$500.00 (or USD$64.10)

Total interest would have received by maturity: HK$1500.00 (or USD$192.30)

Note: Comparable fixed deposite rate at 0.10% (HKD$10.00 or USD$1.28) for 12 months at a major bank in Hong Kong. 

Early withdrawal (total loan amount only) is not recommended as the loan is used for continual investment. Early withdrawal at any time within the loan period will lead to a penalty of thirty-five percent (35.0%) of the total loan amount with no further interest received.

The loan agreement is effective only when the loan amount is received and the loan agreement form for the above details is signed and received with copy of ID attached. 

Note: Law may prohibit us from doing business with certain countries. In that case money received will be refunded with no loan agreement made. We also reserve the right to discontinue the loan agreement at any time under special circumstances at our discretion with the total loan returned and only accrued interest paid.